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  • Sliver Customer Support ProfessionalAccording to AARP

    1.4 Million can't find full-time work

    2 Million Unemployed by Dec. 2012...

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    52 percent have a masters's degree or higher

    About 26.2 percent of public school teachers move because of personal life factors...

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  • Customer Support

    Businesses have been on a quest to deliver stellar customer service at an affordable cost for time immemorial. Premier Telecommute has finally cracked the code. Our Work-as-a-Service (WaaS) model allows companies to tap into the People Cloud to provide its customers with truly top...

  • Business Processing

    In an age where there are more options than ever before, dropping the ball one too many times can drive your customers into the arms of your competition. By tapping into the power of Premier Telecommute’s People Cloud, you can have a team of top shelf, entrepreneurial minded professionals handling...

  • Social Media

    Today’s social customers are connected on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, and can share information real-time. This is a real problem or opportunity, depending on whether or not you are proactively managing your brand on social media. If just one customer decides to post a negative...

  • Website Design

    Good SEO starts with good website design. Wouldn't you rather your website was actually built to be search engine friendly? Our affordable website designs appeal to people and search engines, so your website hits the ground running. Get professional and affordable website design from reputed SEO...


The People Cloud at Work

Multi-channel customer care services include voice, email, web, chat, mobile, social, and administrative back office services.

Our Virtual framework provides ultimate flexibility to handle any spikes or lulls your program experiences.

E-Learning and certification, hyper-matching, and cloud-based scheduling/workforce management ensure a sustained level of extraordinary performance.

A highly secure environment enabled by multi-factor authentication, data masking, secure IVR, continuous monitoring, locked down desktop and Payment Card Industry (“PCI”) compliance.

By eliminating brick and mortar real estate and payment for unproductive time, Premier Telecommute is able to deliver superior quality less expensively than virtually any other option.

Being an Agent

  • As a Customer Support Professional with Premier Telecommute, You set your own hours and build your own schedule. Like to work weekends and have your weekdays off? Like to work mornings and have your afternoons free? Like to work when your kids are in school, only? No problem, partnering with Premier Telecommute lets you choose when you want to work.

    Saving for a new car? Need extra money for preschool costs? Want some extra "fun cash" for the weekends, or just enough for a yearly vacation fund? Add on as many hours and express interest in as many different opportunities that you are qualified for. Premier Telecommute also offers many incentives for top-performing companies - so the possibilities are truly endless!

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